I like peacocks, music, and have an interest for anthropology. I'm sixteen. What could I possibly have put here that would be any more interesting?

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[I had all intentions of finishing Snowflake but my tablet pen broke and I wasn’t going to continue until I got a replacement because controlling it now is a pain in the ass. Well it’s been a few months and I have no interest in continuing so have the WIP and two concepts from later.]

[Things to know: The setting of Snowflake is actually inside an “Estate” which is the physical manifestation of a dae’s (demon) soul that’s basically a sort of parallel dimension. This Estate is the shared mind of chavali and the demon inside her. Metal beak face over there.]

[The Lady Commander was just gonna talk about abandoning the continent the battle they came from took place and offer to bring Gnar with her. Exciting~*]